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You are likely reading this blog because you are interested in creating a custom design product line for your beauty brand, and you’ve come to the right place! It can be extremely overwhelming if you are not familiar with the Private Label Industry, so we’ve outlined the most basic foundation knowledge you will need. First and foremost, it’s essential to understand the types of branding possible. Whether you choose Sjolie or another company for your custom branding needs, the terminology and kind of Private Label should be reasonably consistent between sources.

What is White Label?

White Label is the process of purchasing a pre-formulated (stock) product and then labeling and reselling this product with your personal and exclusive branding. White Labeling an existing Sjolie Sunless stock item means there is no customization or changing of the formula or packaging.

Sjolie has a wide range of products available for White Labeling services; from professional solutions to at-home tanning and spray tan care, we’ve got you covered. Our products are high-quality pre-formulated liquids with your health in mind. Sjolie products are Vegan, PETA Approved, Gluten-Free, and Paraben-Free. These items come in stock packaging and do not qualify for any customizations under the White Label method.

White Labeling is a very cost-effective way to get your custom branded product quickly. You can expect MOQ’s of less than 100 per SKU with very reasonable price points. Our White Label costs will allow you to achieve 100% ROI at our suggested MSRP. Customers have the option to purchase with their custom label applied, or products can be shipped without labels.

If you like the Sjolie line, and you’re looking for low investment costs and quick turn around times, White Label is right for you. Visit our White Label page for more information or to request additional pricing info.

Quick Turn Around Times
Little to No Investment Costs
Low Minimum Order Quantities
Complimentary Labeling Services
Flexible Ordering Terms
No Research & Development
Pre-Formulated, High-End, Well-Known product
No Customizations to Packaging or Formula
Flexibility to Choose your Designer
Choose Pre-Labeled or Un-Labeled Shipments

What is Bulk Manufacturing?

Bulk purchasing is a great alternative for existing companies with filling capabilities. Bulk Manufacturing means you will receive Sjolie’ s existing formulations, without any formula customizations, in 55 Gallon Drums. No individual packaging is included in this method, so it’s a practical option for those who can supply and fill their own bottles. When Bulk Manufacturing, you can expect longer lead times than a White Label product, without the Research and Development phase of Private Label. Overall costs will be slightly reduced because you’re not receiving products with packaging or labels. On average, a 55 Gallon Drum holds 880 8oz units or 220 32 oz units.

If you want to purchase large quantities of an existing Sjolie product without customizations and have bottling capabilities, Bulk Manufacturing is right for you. Visit our Bulk Manufacturing page for more information or to request additional pricing info.

What is Private Label?

Private Labeling means creating an exclusive, custom formulation specifically for your brand. This product will not be sold to other customers, so your formula is one-of-a-kind for your business only. Any product that is not identical to an existing Sjolie product, regarding formula and packaging, is considered Private Label, including minor changes of DHA level, scent, or bottling type.

Our manufacturing team creates an exclusive product based on your wants, so it’s typically a time consuming and the pricier option. Luckily, Sjolie White Label has one of the lowest product investment costs on the market! Not to mention, we have very reasonable minimum order quantities and easy to work with production terms; you won’t be locked into a contract or responsible for meeting a yearly sales quota. Our low costs do not make our services any less superior to others; we have simply reduced our profit margin to build a better relationship with your company and ensure a healthy, long term manufacturing partnership. On average, you can expect the minimum time to create a product you like as three months; the Research & Development phase may take up to 1-year.

When Private Labeling, you will supply our team with the exact product specifications you would like us to create. These details will include the top ingredients you would like us to use or not use, scent, texture and consistency, DHA level, key selling points you would like this product to meet, etc. With this information, we will source the material and begin producing a sample for your trial. Samples are sent to you for testing, and then feedback is provided if you’d like to see any changes. Your unit costs are determined once we can finalize your formulation.

If your goal is to offer a one-of-a-kind product and have a larger budget with dedicated time to put forth during the R&D phase, Private Label is right for you. Visit our Private Label page for more information or to request additional pricing info.

FDA Compliant, Licensed, & OTC Certified Manufacturing
Flexibility to Customize Packaging Colors & Styles
Create any type of Beauty or Sunless Product
Reverse Engineer an Existing Product
Complimentary Labeling Services
Large Minimum Order Quantities
Product Rights Ownership Opportunity
Requires R&D, Initial Investment Fee