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Are you new to the spray tanning industry but want to White Label Sjolie Tanning Product? We encourage you to get educated! Anyone interested in offering spray tanning services, running a business with spray tanning services, or retailing self-tanning and spray tan products should invest in their education. Most states do not require cosmetology licensing but we encourage you to do your research to ensure state licensing is not necessary to perform sunless services or operate a beauty business.

Why Education is Key

Your education is essential when it comes to operating a successful business. Investing in your education is ultimately investing in your White Labeled business. Becoming educated on the services and the product will help you better advertise and sell, ultimately increasing your brand’s revenue. Plus, education, knowledge, and certifications will set you apart from your competition.

What to look for in an Education Program

When shopping for an Education Program, look for a platform that goes beyond educating on the product line only. Sunless tanning is a temperamental beauty treatment that can have adverse results if the client does not follow the proper prep, application, and maintenance routines. An Education Program that introduces the client to the skin’s functions and the more profound DHA components will be a better investment. These topics beyond product knowledge are beneficial because you will feel more confident in educating your clients on proper product usage and troubleshooting as a technician.

Resources and support are an important factor in any education investment. A reputable certification host will provide you with online resources and contacts to help answer any questions you may have and continue your education.

Spray Tan Certifications have not accredited courses; they should proceed with caution if companies claim to be accredited or discrediting competition companies by saying they’re not an accredited resource. It’s best to ask questions about their claims for a better understanding.

Learn about the National Spray Tan Professional Association

The NSTPA is an online spray tan certification program, the first association fully dedicated to sunless tanning. NSTPA education is built around FDA regulations & standards to provide an elevated curriculum for new technicians and licensed professionals.

The NSTPA course will lead you through topics including The History of Sunless, Forms of Sunless Application, Government Regulations, Knowledge of the Skin, Diagnosing Problem Scenarios & Tanning Contraindications, and more.

With every online certification purchase is unlimited access to ongoing content upgrades, a digital listing within a nationally recognized technician database, and a license number. No matter the product line you use, the NSTPA will surely provide you with a foundation of knowledge to boost your product education to best benefit your business.

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