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Healthy Tans &

Glowing Skin

The origins of Sjolie Spray Tan go back to an unwavering commitment to excellence. Founded by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo Ashley and Michael Sjolie, the brand’s inception was rooted in a deep-seated desire to craft sunless tanning solutions that not only delivered impeccable results but also championed the health and vitality of the skin.

Sjolie quickly gained traction, garnering a dedicated following of enthusiasts drawn to its superior formulations and unparalleled results. As the brand flourished, Ashley and Michael recognized an opportunity to extend their success and share their expertise with other aspiring entrepreneurs. This realization sparked the evolution of a new division within the company – Sjolie White Label. In establishing Sjolie White Label, the Sjolies aimed to empower fellow business owners to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for premium sunless tanning solutions. By offering customizable white-label options, Sjolie provided a turnkey solution for businesses seeking to enter or expand their footprint in the sunless tanning market.

Quality You Can Trust

Central to our ethos is a relentless pursuit of quality. Each product in our white label lineup is meticulously formulated using the finest ingredients, ensuring superior performance and exceptional results. Whether it’s our premium bronzers, accelerators, or finishing sprays, you can trust that every item bearing the Sjolie White Label name embodies the same standard of excellence that has defined our brand from the beginning.t.

Innovation At The Forefront

Innovation is the lifeblood of our company. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sunless tanning, investing in research and development to bring cutting-edge formulations and technologies to market. From advanced application techniques to breakthrough ingredients, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing our partners with the tools they need to stand out in a competitive market.

Customization and Flexibility

We understand that every brand is unique, which is why we offer fully customizable white label solutions. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product line or expand your existing offerings, we work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your brand identity and objectives. With Sjolie White Label, you have the flexibility to create products that resonate with your target audience and drive growth for your business.

Comprehensive Support

At Sjolie White Label, we’re more than just a supplier – we’re your dedicated partner in success. From initial consultation to product development and beyond, our team of experts is with you every step of the way, providing comprehensive support and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or new to the world of sunless tanning, you can count on us to provide the resources and expertise you need to thrive.