Start Designing

Once you’ve established your account with a White Label Representative and have been given the green light to start designing, gather and download your label material. You’ll find many resources on this page to get you started. Be sure the label specifications are met with each design to ensure a perfect print. It’s extremely important to use our design specifications and templates when creating your artwork for White Labeled Product.

Connect with a label designer. While Sjolie White Label offers printing services, we do not offer design services. We do not regulate who may complete your design so select an online resource or a local creator of your choice. You will want to supply all the necessary design materials & provided instructions to your designer.

Once you and your designer have finalized your artwork, you will submit your final designs. Your final proof will need to be submitted in PDF format to ensure exact printing. A White Label Representative will contact you once your designs are received. Before submitting your artwork, we recommend double-checking verbiage, spelling, and design details one last time as changes cannot be made once ordered.

Label Requirements

Label design is entirely up to you; there are very few requirements Sjolie has for your labels, whether you choose to print them with us or a third-party. The FDA requires the following information on your labels:

1. Ingredient Lists must be presented as seen listed by Sjolie. Ingredients must remain in descending order; you may not change the order of ingredients, add, or remove ingredients.

2. Shelf-Life in the form of PAO symbol (period after opening). Sjolie solutions have an 8-month shelf-life unopened, and 6-months opened. Additives, pre-tan, and retail products have a 12-month shelf-life.

3. Fill Quantity, or size of product content (i.e 1fl / 30ml)

4. Directions can be copy and pasted from Sjolie or rewritten to be exclusive to your product.

5. Distribution Information such as your company or personal name, city/state/zip code, phone number/email address/website.

Spacing, Bleed, & Alignment

All labels should allow for overlapping when using full wrap options. Do not place readable text near edges as they may overlap. Allow for 1/2 inch overlap. Unwind direction requires the left of the label to come off first. Labels unwinding right side first may hide valuable information.

Consider bleed lines (design exceeds the edge of the label) on all sides of the label. Allow for 1/16″ clear space inside the final artwork for the bleed area, with the exception of background color/pattern.

Color & Font

We are a digital printer and do not have metallic inks. All files should be designed and submitted in CMYK rather than RGB to avoid color shifts when printed.

All fonts should be outlined (or flattened).

Descriptions & Instructions

Descriptions of your product, Instructions of Use, and other label content can be customized to your preference. Sjolie does not regulate how you present this information on your label but you may not omit Instructions of Use. You may copy and paste from our digital content on or if you choose.


Each barcode is customized to represent your product & company. Because barcodes are linked to the registered product, you’ll need to purchase barcodes for your items, Sjolie cannot supply barcodes for White label products.

Acceptable Formatting

Acceptable formats include PDF, .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .PSD (Photoshop). If you or your designer need assistance, please contact us so we may try to help you in the file saving process.

Your label submission should be sent reflecting the exact way you would like it to print. All template guides and lines should be removed before sending us your artwork.

Each label design should be named clearly, to identify the design easily. For example, Tan Extend 8oz. clearly, states which product it will apply to. We recommend saving each file as the name of the given Sjolie product, rather than your custom product name/description to avoid confusion.

A digital proof in PDF Form will be provided to you before your label order is placed. A printed proof can be purchased for an additional fee.

Please proofread your designs before submitting them for print. We do not proofread your labels.

Templates for Download


4 oz. Snap Lid
2.250 x 6.125 - Full Wrap
7 oz. Aerosol Spray
4.625 x 7.000 - Full Wrap
8 oz. Jar with Lid
1.500 x 10.00 - Full Wrap
7 oz. Foamer with Pump
4.813 x 6.750 - Full Wrap
3 oz. Chrome Cap
3.125 x 5.755 - Full Wrap
8 oz. Chrome Cap Retail
5.000 x 6.438 - Full Wrap

Professional /Misc.

32 oz. Quart
6.00 x 10.500 - Full Wrap
4 oz. / 8 oz. Sample
3.500 x 6.500 - Full Wrap
16 oz. No Pump
4.00 x 7.500 - Full Wrap
1 oz. Glass Dropper
1.500 x 3.500 - Full Wrap
16 oz. with Pump
3.500 x 9.125 - Full Wrap