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Choose a label from below and download at no cost. Use these templates, along with the downloadable content for each SKU, to craft a distinctive label for your product.

Step 1

Download The Templates

Download the templates and product content for each item you’ve purchased. We’ve conveniently outlined essential information and provided easy access for downloading, allowing you to personalize them effortlessly.

Step 2

Find a Designer

Find a designer who aligns with your brand’s style and budget requirements. Provide them with the downloadable templates and any additional project-specific information outlined on this page.

Step 3

Print Your Designs

Work with a local printer or use online platforms such as, Wizard Labels, or Lightning Labels for printing. Once the designs are ready, commence labeling your products promptly!

FDA Mandates

The FDA mandates inclusion of the following information on your labels:

  1. Ingredient Lists: Present ingredients exactly as listed by Sjolie, Inc. The order of ingredients must remain unchanged; no additions or removals are permitted.
  2. Shelf-Life: Indicate the shelf life using the PAO symbol (period after opening). Sjolie Spray Tan Solutions, along with any retail product containing DHA, DHA Booster, Skin Firming, and Anti-Aging Drops, should display an open shelf life of 6 months. Other additives such as Pre-Tan, Body Wash, Exf. Body Wash, and Sugar Scrub should have an open shelf life of 12 months.
  3. Fill Quantity: Clearly state the size of the product content (e.g., 1 fl/30 ml).
  4. Directions: Copy and paste the provided directions from Sjolie or rephrase them exclusively for your product. Refer to the Downloads section for more details.
  5. Distribution Information: Include your company or personal name, city/state/zip code, and contact details such as phone number, email address, and website.


Barcodes serve as a valuable labeling tool, facilitating efficient product scanning and inventory management. Each barcode is tailor-made to uniquely represent your product and company. Consequently, for white-label products, Sjolie does not provide barcodes. Should you desire to incorporate barcodes into your label designs, it is recommended to create and acquire them from a third-party source.

Acceptable Formatting

Accepted file formats include .AI (Adobe Illustrator) and .PSD (Photoshop). It’s worth noting that platforms like Canva may not generate designs suitable for professional printing. For optimal results in Photoshop, create files at a resolution of 300 DPI. It’s essential to keep in mind that while higher resolutions may not necessarily enhance print quality, lower resolutions can lead to disappointing published outcomes.

Spacing, Bleed, and Alignment

Overlap: For full wrap options, ensure labels allow for overlapping. Avoid placing readable text near edges to prevent overlap interference. Allow a 1/2 inch overlap, and note that labels unwinding left side first are preferred to prevent hiding crucial information.

Unwind Direction: Labels should unwind with the left side coming off first. Labels unwinding from the right side may obscure important information.

Bleed Lines: Consider bleed lines where the design extends beyond the label’s edge. Allow a 1/16″ clear space inside the final artwork for the bleed area, excluding the background color/pattern.

Color and Font

Color Format: As a digital printer without metallic inks, design and submit all files in CMYK rather than RGB. This helps prevent color shifts during the printing process.

Fonts: Ensure all fonts are outlined or flattened before submission.

Descriptions and other Content

Descriptions of your product, instructions for use, and other label content can be tailored to your preferences. Sjolie does not prescribe a specific format for presenting this information, giving you flexibility in customization. However, it’s important to note that the omission of instructions for use is not allowed under FDA and labeling regulations.

Ingredient Lists

Ingredient lists must be accurately presented on your labels at all times. The order of ingredients cannot be modified, nor can they be omitted entirely. Sjolie reserves the right to adjust ingredient lists at any time without notice. We recommend staying informed by regularly checking our site for any updates.

Printing Your Artwork

Once you are satisfied with your artwork, you are ready to submit it for printing. If you’re printing your labels with Sjolie, your labels must go through an approval process before they’re printed. You can email your final designs in print ready format to If you’re printing your labels with a third party, you will need to consult with them to discuss their print requirements. Before submitting your artwork for printing, follow this crucial checklist:

    1. Remove Templates & Rulers: Ensure that your label submission reflects how you want it to print. Remove all template guides and lines before sending us your artwork.
    2. Proofread: Take the time to proofread your designs before submission, as we do not provide proofreading services. While we check for proper sizing and adherence to FDA requirements, proofreading your labels is essential.
    3. Outline Fonts & Embed Images: All fonts should be outlined or flattened—please do not send live fonts with your files. Ensure that all placed graphics and images are embedded and not included as linked images. Embedded images should be sized at 300 DPI (at the intended image size when printed). Avoid higher resolutions, as they do not affect the finished result and may unnecessarily increase file sizes.
    4. File Naming: Clearly name each label design for quick identification. For instance, naming a file “Tan Extend 8oz” specifies the associated product.

Labeling Requirements

Thoroughly examine these guidelines. Certain requirements are mandated by the FDA to ensure your labels comply with US resell standards.