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Shipping & Handling

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality customized sunless tanning product at an affordable price. Sjolie White Label is a manufacturer and supplier of private labeled sunless products. Our business-to-business platform sells only to professionals for reselling, we do not sell private-labeled brands direct to the consumer. By purchasing a product with Sjolie White Label, you are agreeing to adhere to these terms highlighted below.


Sjolie White Label provides custom products to professionals only. SWL does not sell directly to the consumer, distribute products of other brands, or offer distribution services of any kind. Because we are a manufacturer, we ship only to our client and do not provide dropshipping services.

FedEx Accounts

Sjolie utilizes FedEx services including Ground delivery, Freight, and select expedited options. Shipments will be automatically calculated using the Sjolie FedEx Account #; however, we can use your FedEx account # if requested. We cannot schedule pickups and deliveries for couriers other than FedEx.

We encourage you to create a FedEx Account for your business and link all tracking numbers to the account once they have been assigned. For more information, visit

Transit Times

Transit times vary by the location of delivery and size of the order. Average shipping times will range from 5 to 7 business days for FedEx shipments. Learn more about FedEx shipping time Here. This does not include processing times which can range from 2 to 10 weeks depending on the product. Transit days are Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are not included as “shipping days”. Couriers will consider the following business day as the first day of transit, rather than the day the tracking number is assigned. View FedEx Holiday Closures Here.

Expedited shipping options are available on select orders; we cannot guarantee the possibility of expediting an order until we receive an official purchase request. While expedited shipping is available, we cannot expedite processing times.

You may experience peak surcharge/ship rates during times of increased gas prices and lack of courier employees. 

Order Processing Times

Processing time will vary by the type of order, date received, and product availability. Orders are processed in the order they were received and we cannot expedite processing times.

  1. White Label orders require a minimum of 3 to 5-business days to process before shipping. Tuesday through Friday is considered processing days.
  2. Private Label orders require a minimum of 6 to 12- weeks to process before shipping. Monday through Friday is considered processing days.
  3. Label purchases are sent to print every Thursday which is considered the first processing day after your order is submitted. Labels can take up to 12-business days to print before they’re available for your product orders. Orders of Product + Labels will need to consider this extra processing time.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged Shipments

Sjolie White Label strives to deliver your products in pristine condition and quickly, but we understand some shipments will encounter issues during transit. Sjolie will gladly assist you with a resolution in some cases but the client must remember, as a distributor, some errors cannot be resolved by Sjolie, and by purchasing White Labeled products, responsibility is passed to the purchaser.

The client must report shipment problems to a Sjolie White Label Representative immediately. Issues with packages must be reported within 7-days. We allow for only a 30-day warranty period, resolution efforts will be honored or voided during this period. Some items and purchases are final sales and cannot be returned, exchanged, or replaced. Final sale items include:

  1. Physical Labels
  2. Custom Formulated products
  3. Custom Bottled products
  4. Bulk formula

We apologize for any mix-up involving the incorrect contents of your shipment. If you believe you have received the wrong product, received a mislabeled product, or are missing products, please complete a return request and include photos of the items you feel are wrong. In the event Sjolie White Label has shipped you the wrong product or incorrect labels, we will supply a return label for the items to ship back to our facility so we may make it right.

Missing product will be investigated before initiating a resolution. Sjolie White Label will review your scanned package weight, compare a mock-up of an identical order, and review the delivery details to come to a decision. Weights listed on the couriers tracking page is the weighed-in package size; if a scanned weight is less than a mock-up package, we are able to offer store credit or replacement of the items, Sjolie White Label will not replace missing claims if the package indicates an accurate shipping weight upon receiving.

If your courier tracking number status shows as “delivered,” the package has been physically scanned and left on the doorstep, place of business, or with a resident of the address. Couriers are unable to update a package’s status to delivered without an endpoint of delivery, GPS, and scanning the box.

Before contacting SWL, please complete the initial steps of locating your package(s):

  1. Check surrounding areas of the property; if a driver feels your package is at risk, they will often hide the parcels in a secure location on the premises making it difficult for you to spot at a glance.
  2. If you have a community mailbox; check for a Key in your box that might lead to opening a larger dropbox storing your package.
  3. Check with employees, complex management, or other household members to ensure they’ve not accepted the package and placed it out of sight or mistaken it for their own. This is the most common occurrence for lost packages.
  4. Contact the building manager to see if the package has been delivered to the central office instead of a specific unit or appt number. Drivers often find themselves in a hurry or have difficulty locating a specific unit # and find it easiest to leave packages at a central office.
  5. Confirm neighboring homes or businesses have not received the package(s) by mistake.
  6. Contact the Courier at the General Support Line, to collect additional information regarding the delivery. The courier can provide the exact time and GPS coordinates of the delivery and supply you with a signed name if the package was left to a resident.

If you are unable to locate your package after further investigation, we may need to assume your package was stolen from your location and therefore is not the responsibility of Sjolie White Label to replace or refund this order. Just like if someone steals any other property you might own, the manufacturer is not liable for this theft that took place. If your package has been taken, immediately file a claim with the courier. We recommend doing so via the FedEx website or by phone. You will be provided with a claim number to access updates regarding your shipment claim. Sjolie White Label is not responsible for replacements or refunds of lost or missing packages.

We apologize your packages arrived damaged as we do our best to secure your parcel contents with packing peanuts, paper, and foam when they leave our facility. First, we ask you to complete our refund request and include photos of the damaged items so we can assess the order and approve/deny the request.
If qualified, we can provide a return label for the damaged items for replacement or offer a discounted store credit to apply to your next purchase while you salvage the items received. Damaged parcels will be assessed case by case. Due to the nature of White Label ordering, types of damage that qualify for refund or replacement vary. The type of damage, the severity of the damage, and packaging status will be evaluated by management and quality control to determine a resolution.

Sjolie White Label is not responsible for the replacement of products with label damage due to water or leaked products. We are happy to mail out additional labels to be applied as needed at the request and cost of the client. If you are concerned with damage to your shipments or would like extra coverage to ensure the resolution of shipments that may not be covered by Sjolie White Label, we encourage investing in Order Insurance with each purchase. Insurance is available by request only, with a Sjolie representative at the time of your order. Insurance cost will vary by shipment detail and is non-refundable.


Shipping costs will vary based on the location for delivery and the size of the order; an estimated shipping cost can be provided once an official order is requested and the cost can be invoiced. The client is responsible for 100% of the shipping fees for product & material to and from the Sjolie facility for purchases and returns. Payment will be collected prior to the order being sent out and supplied to the client via a payment link and invoice.

International Ordering

White Labeling Services are available for International clients and will be shipped via FedEx. International orders may require additional processing and shipping time.

All international orders are subject to Duty Fees & Taxes distributed by a third party. Sjolie is in no way responsible for Duty Fees & Taxes associated with any orders of product and material to and from the Sjolie location.

Shipping costs will vary based on the location for delivery and the size of the order; an estimated shipping cost can be provided once an official order is requested and the cost can be invoiced. The client is responsible for 100% of the shipping fees for product & material to and from the Sjolie facility for purchases and returns. Payment will be collected prior to the order being sent out and supplied to the client via a payment link and invoice.