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What is White Label?

What is White Labeling? White Label is the process of purchasing a pre-formulated (stock) product and then labeling and reselling this product with your personal and exclusive branding. White Labeling an existing Sjolie Sunless stock item means there is no customization or changing of the formula or packaging.


Create an account with an SWL Representative & receive a detailed pricing breakdown and production overview so you know exactly what to expect as a White Label account.

step two

Choose the product you want to White Label, create a label with your choice of designer, and supply your finished artwork to SWL for print, just in time for your first order of product.

step three

Start purchasing product; your custom labels will be applied to each order before shipping to you for distribution and there will be no correlation between you and Sjolie on your packages.


Sjolie Sunless has created a simple, no-hassle White Labeling program because we believe running a white-labeled brand should be realistic and achievable. Developing a new brand can be done quickly because there is no Research & Development phase; our stock product is formulated, packaged, and ready to go. Choose from a range of stock products – from professional solutions to at-home tanning lotions. Find a designer and get creative; the possibilities are endless for finding a style and creating your new brand. Then, start selling. Price your product how you want, market where you want, and watch your business’ revenue reach new levels.


Your investment with Sjolie will include a deposit, the purchase of product + shipping, and the cost of labels. Additional investment costs outside of our company may consist of product insurance, Graphic Logo/Label Design, Insurance, and Registration costs (i.e., product barcodes, PETA Organization, etc.)

The Deposit: To activate your account under the White Label Division, we collect a non-refundable $500.00 deposit that will later apply to your initial order of product and must be redeemed no later than six months after the deposit date; otherwise, It will be forfeit to Sjolie Sunless, no credits applied.

The Product: Product cost is categorized into three tiers (Tier 1, Tier 2, & Enterprise). Each Tier will redeem a deeper discount on the product, achievable based on the number of cases purchased per SKU. Tier 1 is the minimum white label order we can accept, which comes with a higher price point per unit. When purchasing a higher volume of cases, under the Tier 2 category, you can unlock a lower unit price.

The Labels: The cost of labels and design fees will vary based on the quantities ordered and the artist you choose for design. The cost of labels can range from $0.10 to $3.50 per Label; the more you buy, the lower your cost per Label will be, so we would encourage you to stock up! Unused labels will be stored at our warehouse for up to one-year, free of charge while waiting to receive your next order.


Purchases must meet a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each product to qualify for White Label Services. You can expect to buy a minimum of one case per SKU, about 50 units per product, with every order. Because we determine pricing by the Tier (amount of products purchased), your cost can potentially fluctuate with each purchase if inconsistent. Minimum order quantities and prices will vary per product; our cost sheet will display a detailed breakdown.


Procuring a label design, you are confident and excited about, and finding a designer who can make your ideas and creativity come to life, is entirely up to you! Sjolie does not regulate who can complete your artwork. However, we require your artwork to adhere to the exact templates, sizing, ingredient lists, and printing requirements provided to you. Sjolie will supply design requirements and conditions for each product for your designer’s use. Once you have finalized your designs, you will be ready to purchase the physical labels with Sjolie. As a White Label, no changes can be made to the bottle or formula itself.  Learn more about Label Design Here.


Orders are accepted through an email Monday through Friday and processed within 5-business days, subject to change based on inventory and volume. Expedited orders will process within 1-3 business days before shipping. When placing an order, be sure to specify your name, the business/company name, the products, and special requests. An invoice will be emailed and require your signature before we can process payment & begin labeling.

The Customer is responsible for 100% of products & material shipping fees to and from our location. The delivery location, order volume, and ship method will determine the rates. Because of high volume requests and ever-changing times, we cannot provide you with exact process & ship times in advance; we will give a more precise lead time when the order request is final. We encourage unboxing shipments immediately upon receiving—report delivery issues to the White Label Division within 48-hours of receiving the shipment. Sjolie is responsible for all orders received faulty (i.e., wrong product, incorrect packaging, missing product, etc.) and will be held accountable to provide the Customer with a resolution within 30-days of the receiving date. All shipments needing replacement or correction must be shipped back to the Sjolie facility before executing a solution.

  • Orders are processed when payment is received. ACH Transfers may require 2-3 business days to clear.
  • The average time to process your order will require 3 to 5 business days.
  • White Label Orders remain last to process on Mondays, and we do not process orders on weekends or holidays. Holiday hours can affect your overall processing and shipping time.
  • The average shipping time for all ground shipments will take 5 to 7 business days.
  • Dropship services are not available.
  • The courier is responsible for damaged or missing packages.
  • All orders are delivered following business day unless the Customer requests for Saturday delivery.
  • International orders are subject to Customs Fees and Taxes and will be the responsibility of the Customer.
  • Sjolie is not liable for the replacement or reimbursement of damaged labels due to courier issues, discontinued or out-of-stock products, or misprinted designs that have received prior printing approval.
  • Orders placed with the customer service department or done through the Sjolie website will not be accepted and may result in cancelation without notice. Be sure all order requests are made through the White Label department only.

Are you ready to White Label? Do you have more questions?

Send us some details & we will provide you with a rundown based on your request so you know exactly what to expect before making the commitment!