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Private Label

What is Private Labeling? Private Labeling a product means creating an exclusive, custom formulation specifically for your brand. This product will not be used for Sjolie’s White Labeling Services for other customers, so your formula is one-of-a-kind for your business only. Any product that is not identical in formula and packaging to an existing Sjolie White Label product is considered a custom Private Label; this includes changes of DHA level, scent, or bottling type to a Sjolie product.

Sjolie Manufacturing Capabilities

Sjolie can create a range of beauty products for any business; our dedicated staff is here to turn your concept into reality. Sjolie Sunless is FDA Compliant and Licensed, OTC Certified, Current on Good Manufacturing Practice, holds a California State Cosmetic License, CBD Manufacturing Certified, and we are PETA Approved. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients and the latest technologies in our products. We can create a complete custom formula from a simple idea or reverse engineer an already existing product found on the market. Some formulations we can create include:

  • Self-Tanning Sprays & Creams
  • Skincare Lotions, Serums, Scrubs, Masks, & Cleansers
  • Bath Bubbles, Oils, & Salts
  • Spa / Body Care Product
  • Massage Oils & Creams
  • Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Hair Styling Pomades, Gels, & Lotions

Initial Investment

A crucial determining factor of custom services involves your overall expenses to get your brand up and running. Private Labeled products require a $1,500.00 non-refundable Research and Development fee (R&D) per SKU. This fee includes three revisions and up to 12-months of Sjolie’s manufacturing efforts to finalize the formula. Each additional revision is $250.00 per SKU.

Other expenditures aside from Sjolie’s fees can include the; Purchase of Labels & other Packaging Material, Cost of Logo & Graphic Design, Barcode Purchase, Webshop Building Services, Marketing Costs, Certification Fees like PETA, Business Insurance, and FBA/Seller-Fulfillment fees

The cost of your Product

The ingredient price & material cost, production time & fees, and filling procedures determine your product cost. The product cost cannot be provided to you until we have received the signed formula approval. We will then gather the material and labor costs associated with creating your product and determine an official unit price.

Custom Packaging

We will happily accommodate custom provided packaging. Any special packaging can be purchased through your preferred third-party vendor and shipped to our warehouse during the filling process. A storage fee of $15.00 per pallet per day will apply to leftover items stored at our facility. Sjolie will provide stock packaging, as seen on the Sjolie website.

Custom boxes and other packaging material can also be applied to each product when supplied by the customer; however, additional labor costs will apply per product. These costs can range from $0.50 to $3.00 per, depending on the extra labor efforts & material necessary and is included in your overall unit cost.

Custom Labels

Yes, your products can be labeled before shipment to your distribution facility. Sjolie does not regulate who can complete your artwork or print the physical labels; we can assist in the printing process, but we do not offer design services. Sjolie can supply you with templates and label support for stock-bottles provided by our manufacturing team. If you choose for your products to be labeled before shipment, labels must meet our machine specifications. Learn more about Label Design Here.

Getting started; Research & Development

The research phase includes collecting data and information to manufacture the desired product and then source the raw materials. R&D will also incorporate quality control and product testing to make sure your formula is set for success. QVC and other retail channels may require additional testing beyond what Sjolie can offer; the customer would be responsible for obtaining the retail partner’s necessary testing and documentation.

Purchasing your product; Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum order quantities exist due to the time and handling it takes to produce and prepare Private Label Orders. Our minimums are set in Gallons; however, your actual product sizes may vary.

Professional Product: 500 Gallons

Retail & Misc. Product: 150 Gallons

To calculate the number of units per order, you will need to convert our minimums to ounces and divide by the number of ounces of your desired product. For example, if you would like to produce a 7oz. bronzing mousse, the minimum purchase is 150 Gallons, and this converts to about 2,700 units.

Each order is required to meet these minimums. The entire order amount must be purchased in-full and ship to your facility; we cannot produce partial orders or store partial shipments at our warehouse.

Minor adjustments like an increase of DHA percentage or change of a scent to an existing Sjolie product may qualify for minimized order quantities, which can range from 1,000 to 2,000 units per SKU. Once you have completed our Custom Formulation request, we can determine what your Minimum Order Quantities will be.

What to expect when placing an Order

Orders are accepted by email Monday through Friday. The order request will be processed and billed within 48-hours of receiving the approved invoice. Because of the nature of Private Label orders, ACH payment is required. To schedule your production, we will collect a minimum of 50% of the total bill. The remaining 50% of the bill amount will be due 20-days from the original payment date or before shipping the product, whichever comes first.

The customer is responsible for 100% of product & materials’ shipping fees to and from our location. Rates are based on the delivery location, order volume, and ship method. Because of the high-volume requests and Freight required services, we cannot guarantee exact shipping costs to be provided at the time of the original deposit payment. A second bill of the official shipping fees will be provided and due before shipment. At this time, Sjolie does not drop-ship direct to the consumer.

Are you ready to create a Custom Product?

Send us some details & we will provide you with a rundown based on your request so you know exactly what to expect before making the commitment!