Pineapple Scent


Enhance your client’s spray tan experience by introducing the captivating Pineapple fragrance, or craft a unique experience by blending it with fragrance-free body lotion or applying it directly to the skin.

  • Offer customized services to your clients
  • Add a fruity scent to any spray tan solution
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Mix with any spray tan solution, moisturizers, or apply directly to the skin
  • 1-year shelf life

Vegan | Paraben-Free | Organically Derived Ingredients | Cruelty-Free | Sustainably Sourced

Size: 30 ml | 1 fl oz (ea)
Suggested Retail Price:
Minimum Order Quantity: 12 units

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Elevate your client’s tanning experience by infusing it with the delightful Pineapple fragrance, transporting them to a tropical oasis. This unique scent can be seamlessly integrated into their spray tan session, mixed with unscented body lotion, or applied directly to the skin, making every appointment a personalized and unforgettable journey. Not only does this Pineapple Scent Additive enhance the client’s experience, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to boost your revenue. Include additives into your spray tan services complimentary to set yourself apart from the competition, offer additives at an additional cost, or retail them for home use for even more monthly revenue opportunities.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance

Add one full dropper for every one ounce of solution. Add additional drops to increase to your liking.

The Pineapple Scent is not limited to just spray tans. Mix the concentrate with your sunless solution or daily moisturizer for direct application, or apply a few drops directly to pulse points such as the décolleté and wrist for a burst of fruity fragrance.

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